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About Cullinan Plaster Mouldings

We in Cullinan Plaster Mouldings provide a personal service to customers. Our attention to high quality service allows us to give our customers a bespoke experience whether creating a new design, matching or mould new or existing ornamental plasterwork. All our products are handmade in our craft workshop by trained craftsmen.


We offer a design and technical service to assist you with all vital project decisions.


At Cullinans we work within an age old tradition of craftmanship to produce an extensive range of plaster mouldings.

All our products are made by our skilled craftsmen who combine traditional and contemporary methods to deliver quality and beauty to your project.


High quality plaster moulding installation is no different to any successful installation it is simply the result of good planning and preparation. We in Cullinan Plaster Mouldings have many years of experience with high quality installation and have gained the essential knowledge to deliver high quality plaster moulding solutions.

From Design to installation you can benefit from our years of experience, expertise and commitment -
and so ensure your project, however grand or modest bears the qualities of Cullinan craftmanship.

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